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We’ve all worked our way from the ground up to where we are today. We’re proud of the passion our team has to always seek out creative and innovative solutions for our clients.

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Bruce has been with us since the beginning. He founded Guardian Print in 1993, but prior to that his entire career had been at the Ashburton Guardian. He’s incredibly passionate about our people and continues to get a kick out of their success. Since guiding the company through the moves in 2002 (Ashburton) and 2014 (Rolleston), Bruce now works with our partners and directors to ensure Inkwise is always ahead of the game with our innovative ideas and the solutions we deliver.

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With over 40 years’ experience in printing, it’s fair to say Steve lives and breathes this industry. Starting out as a Typography Apprentice straight out of school, Steve worked his way from the ground up through production and operations management before overseeing the merger of two printing companies as their General Manager. And in the decade since becoming our CEO, Steve has lead all aspects of our business with an emphasis on building relationships, teamwork and expertise across the business to ensure we keep delivering innovative solutions.

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A specialist when it comes to finance in the printing industry, Ross has been our Financial Controller since day one. He set up Inkwise alongside Bruce 25 years ago when we were known as Guardian Print, but prior to this he provided strategic and operational direction in the same role for the Ashburton Guardian. Ross was a key part of our transition and growth into Inkwise, and he’s still totally commited to our success, both now and into the future.

For over 40 years Trevor has been a huge part of the print industry, and as the Chairman of Inkwise’s board he oversees governance and works directly with management to guide us forward. Previously financial adviser to the NZ Press Association and an inductee to the New Zealand Business Hall of Fame, it’s a privilege to have Trevor ensuring the link between management, the board and our shareholders remains strong.

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Not only an expert in print with 30 years’ of industry experience, Brent is also our expert in marketing and business development. He’s held various senior roles in print and sales including owning his own print and signage business. Brent is passionate about creating new sales strategies and solid partnerships as Inkwise moves into new market sectors. He’s looking forward to further developing our existing business partnerships and offering smarter solutions as we continue to expand on what we offer.

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28 years in print, 10 of them with us, Karl is truly passionate about seeing our smarter solutions come to life. Having started his career on the floor before moving into sales-based roles, he’s an expert in just about everything; from printed catalogues and mailers to magazines, bindery, and even converting sheetfed printed work to heatset. Someone who’s able to liase with suppliers and clients on both sides of a project, Karl’s most passionate about seeing creative ideas come to life. No wonder he’s won nationwide contracts for national brands and publications.

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On paper, Simon’s only been working in the printing industry for just over eight years. But as Steve’s son, you could argue he’s got more experience than most. Starting out as a Prepress Technician before moving into customer service and sales-based roles, his understanding of both sides allows him to work seamlessly with clients and plant staff alike. Simon still gets a kick out seeing hard work pay off for his clients, especially when their first job comes off the press.

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If anyone can say they know this industry, it’s Blair. He was a paper boy for the Westport News before becoming a qualified Printer at 18. And in the years since, he’s honed his machine skills in various operations and production roles to ensure our 3,300m2 site runs like clockwork. Currently responsible for the day-to-day performance of our team, the performance of our equipment and the upkeep of our plant, he’s also a fantastic mentor to the wider team.

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Responsible for our IT infrastructure, prepress and colour management, production management systems, and troubleshooting machinery; there aren’t many challenges Karl hasn’t overcome. Someone who’s always striving for the next creative solution, ensuring nothing gets in the way of producing quality work for our clients is what it’s all about.

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Since joining the team in 2017, Scott’s played an essential role when it comes to ensuring we meet our clients’ deadlines and deliver nationwide. His background in supermarket retail makes him an expert in working with different suppliers, and the fast-paced nature of that industry has given him an ability to consistently schedule and execute to a high standard under challenging timeframes.

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Even after 25 years in the business, Louise still gets a buzz from a project done well. Her expertise around understanding and collating all the necessary information before assembling the ‘puzzle’ that is a complex project places her at the top of her field. And after following everything as it moves from concept to completion, all while keeping everyone up to date, she still loves the pressure that comes with each deadline. Louise gets a lot of satisfaction from her clients’ reactions when we come up with a solution no one has ever thought of before.

Coming to the industry from a background in restaurant management means Joylan is no stranger to working in a fast-paced environment. He enjoys coordinating multiple jobs to meet various deadlines and has an exceptional eye for administrative details. We are happy to have Joylan, along with his organisational skills and positive work ethic, as part of the Inkwise team.

After over 30 years, Tammy knows a thing or two about the print industry. She loves to work with clients on ideas and solutions to bring their projects to life and works closely with them throughout the process to make sure they get the result they’re expecting. Happy clients are always the goal with Tammy. Her exceptional estimating, digital planning and customer service skills make her a crucial part of the Inkwise team.

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Personal Assistant to Steve for 26 years (and counting), she’s almost as versed in running the business as he is. No stranger to helping Steve’s and Ross’ clients when they’re unavailable, Tamsyn enjoys the variety of tasks that make up her job.

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